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   Schulman Therapy

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 Schulman Therapy—                            
  The ultimate in deep-tissue bodywork

   It's not massage. It's not chiropractic. Schulman Therapy is a unique method of relieving the deep muscle tension that
   causes most aches and pains.

  What's it good for?

       Pain relief
       Sports training support
       Accident rehabilitation

This site will help you learn more about Schulman Therapy and where you can go to experience it in the Boise, Idaho area.

For professionals, there is also information about how you can receive training to learn Schulman Therapy.

Approved by the Idaho Massage Board for Continuing Education credits.

Russ Freestone, CST
Certified Schulman Therapist 
8700 W Winchester Dr

Boise, ID 83704      Go to map
(208) 378-1377


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